This Socks (aka the Serious Coronavirus thread)

I just heard a medical expert on the radio claim that people over 35 should get 1 hour of exercise per day, people over 50 1 1/2 hours, people over 62 2 hours a day in order to build up their immune systems. Apparently Corona virus is hard on older people. Good luck with that :kissing_heart:

People don’t get to be 62 years of age by exercising an hour and a half a day.

Maybe it depends on your idea of “exercise.” I’m thinking of aerobic exercise, but watching poarn and flogging the ol’ mule doesn’t count.

Feel the burn.

Actually the older we get we lose muscle mass. Weight or resistance training should be part of a regular exercise routine 2x week, and aerobic should be at least 30 min a day to MAINTAIN your current status.

To improve it, or lose weight, you need to do more. It helps to stave off chronic diseases, but also dementia and alzheirmers.

typical day for me…


That “Need to walk 10K steps” per day is not scientifically sound. It was invented by a Japanese company that used it as a marketing campaign to sell, guess what? Yeah, pedometers!

It’s only about 4400 steps, or about 2 miles. Very doable.

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My gym trainer tells me that walking is extremely good for you. Oak and Billdo have it. Now that I have the beetus, I get about a mile in after both lunch and dinner, and I am feeling generally much lighter on my feet as a result of overall strength (and 30 lbs less doesn’t suck either)

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I didn’t realize that you’re diabetic. That sucks!

Mentioned it in passing a couple of times here. Pretty much immediately got my numbers back to normal by cutting carbs to the bone, making the carbs I DO eat worth it. Doc says since my A1C is down not only to “diabetics’ target” but actually in “normal person” range, my long term effects are exactly the same as a non-beetus. I wear a CGM so I can get quick feedback on what I eat, and I am very sensitive to blood sugar spikes (which is what teh beetus is), but I seem to be managing it with flying colors.

My fear is that without a CGM telling me what’s up, I would get lazy and revert. So I am still in the new-habit-building mode.


I don’t think I have dieabeetus but I was told I was borderline at one point and I’m sure I was… nowdays I’m in perfect health when I get my checkups which includes bloodwork/metabolic panel.


Sonoma county is looking for 70 people they think were exposed. Looks like this shit is going to get out of hand fast.


Thoughts and prayers, but for real my CBT Family & Frens…

I like to tell myself I am fairly safe because I am in small town, but my small town is also a tourist town, with lots of people from lot of places traveling through…but I think I am already doing most of the things they recommend to do anyway. So I chill.


I work with the public, about a thousand people a day come in our store. I’m guessing I will probably get it if its as bad as it’s supposed to be.


Stay as healthy as you can. That may help. Doctors orders!:slightly_smiling_face:

There may be a vaccine in a few months Hang in there.

If by “a few” you mean “at least 12-18 “ months.


Keep the store and all surfaces as clean as you can, and don’t touch the filthy consumers.

Do you have hand sanitizer at least?