This Socks (aka the Serious Coronavirus thread)

BBC News - Coronavirus: US records highest death toll in single day

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BoJo is out of ICU, feeling better.

We’re gonna pass Italy to be #1 in deaths, by morning.



President Trump was right we are going to win this thing!


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Not sure what to think of this. Bloomberg, remember, is ultimately in the Hot Air & Greed business and just dabbling in journalism to suit their own purposes.

Pretty alarming, or maybe working in a plant of any kind is hazardous. But in any case if you’re a meat eater, ya might wanna think about the supply chain down the road.

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I was working on my meat just last night, should I be tested? (Asking for a friend, fucking duh!)

Did you beat it?

Rather savagely. don’t you know old chap, or doanchu?


WWE wrestling is deemed an “essential service”!

Because Florida, and its highly intelligent governor.

Holy Communism Comrade Batman, ima put my check on the wall for display!


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It occurred to some that the check for Stormy Daniels also had Trump’s signature, and for pretty much the same services.

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My smart friend on FB just posted this,not 100% sure on the exactitude, but like I said I know he is a smart dude.

Just Math… United States Covid 19 stats
Mar 24: 649 dead
Mar 30: 2931 dead (factor of 4.516)
Apr 7: 11,830 dead (factor of 4.036)
April 14: 25,163 (factor of 2.127)
If left unchecked, with a geometric progression factor of 3, calculated weekly, by June 9, the death toll in the United States would be 165,094,443.
After that the numbers grow larger than the population of the United States.

3 months to get to 1M cases worldwide.

2 weeks to get the 2nd Million.

It is starting to flatten tho. I do predict a 2nd wave, not just because we might reopen too early, but because it’s how these things go. Maybe late this year or next year.

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Well the math suggests that the numbers would flatten just because of a lack of new bodies to infect. Also this depends on reporting, not actuality. You do already see the factor dropping from 4.5 to 4 to just over 2, that suggests a flattening not based on a lack of bodies to infect… CA predicts its peak Friday or Saturday and the number of total cases requiring hospitalization may begin to drop after. If I read the graphs in the San Jose Murky News correctly.

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If NYC were the only COUNTY in the entire US to have (again, reported) deaths from this, they would still rank 5th in the world among nations (Italy, Spain, France, UK, NYC).

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