This unemployed life is great

Ballin, just got paid again today… I blew through couple thousand the past week or so just getting stuff I needed. Hopefully I will be getting some back pay too… if I get back pay I’m going to do some traveling.

Had a great day downtown yesterday, walked 7 miles, smoked weed at the police station, ate at veggie grill… got all kinds of photos. Getting some new tires on the ride today, I noticed the front tire I didn’t replace on the way up here is bald as fucckkkk… need to do a little shopping, might get a new phone today, maybe go protest later tonight against these piece of shit cops. This unemployed life is great.

So the quick tire job turned into a locked wheel bearing and possibly a new hub… ughhh

So $888 later… I got new tires all around, new wheel bearing/hub, alignment done… definitely driving better, and I don’t feel like my life is danger just because I’m driving it. I just hope nothing else goes wrong with it especially anything that would make what I’ve sunk into it worthless…

I need to get “The Club” too, I’ve noticed a lot of my neighbors use them for their less than full coverage cars… car theft seems to be a thing. I totally see some ditched stolen cars too… stripped down and left on the street, crazy…

Fuck yeah just got the rest of my bed yesterday, after sleeping on an air mattress for almost 2 years… just upgraded and got a new phone… might go buy a bike or something, this unemployed life is great.

Unemployment has improved my life so much. I just ordered a new GTracing gaming chair for my desk chair.

Looking for a bike but they’re pricey, holy fuck… I could go buy a Segway electric scooter cheaper than a decent bike.

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God Emperor Trump gave ue back the fed bonus for 400/week

I haven’t officially worked for 12 years. I have home chores, recreational activities, friends, but I still am bored a lot of the time. I’m sure the new rules contribute to it. I used to go on 2 3 day treks. Problematical now.

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Oh great, my taxes are going to go through the roof now.:cry:

I’m retiring before too long myself. I won’t be bored. I’ll volunteer or something if I get too bored

Thinking of working behind the scenes in politics, maybe. Maybe voter registration in the Latino community.


Run for an State Office.

This thread got some SGer’s drawers all knotted up.


That’s cause I’m winnin and they’re losin… lol

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Once Fat Donny sends me another fat socialist “stimulus” check to prop up his fake socialist economy I might get a new car, some backpacking gear, or start a small business… :slight_smile: Plus I still have enough saved up to live months without working… I was almost tapped out before I got on unemployment. :slight_smile:


and you should see all the weed I smoke… lol

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Score, count it!

I think I just talked a friend from the weed store to move up here from Santa Rosa. Her and her wife are going to try to come visit soon… She’s sick of hillbilly north bay and doesn’t really feel safe there anymore she said. I’m like Portland is where you need to be! She’s on unemployment too… livin the life… :slight_smile:

Which diaper wearers are tweeked?

The usual suspects.

Thnking about buying a camera… @LittleRambo2