Thread for the daily mass shooting


A troubled lawyer opened fire on morning commuters in Houston on Monday, injuring at least nine people before being fatally shot by police, authorities said.

What color and/or faith was he?

You know, before we give our opinions.

All we know is he was a lawyer and he drove a black Porsche. And he was a he. What does that tell us?

Texas, Lawyer, Black Porsche, my scientific hunchpmeter tells me he was a Honky.

I bet you’re right on colour but was he a Christian or a Mormon or a Scientologist? Religious belief is important to know in those who shoot up places.

I’m going to go with Southern Baptist, assuming he was a native Texonian.

Yes it is, if they turn out to be Muslim it it’s just further proof that Muzzies want us all dead, if he is not Moslemish, he’s just one more example of how libtards have ruined The Mental Healthcare System.

Don’t forget how libtards caused society, mmkay, so even if he’s a 2nd-amendment murrica-ing gunhumper it’s still a libtard’s fault.

Only a fukking lawyer could get off 30 rounds without a single kill. What a looser.


Houston Police confirm Nathan Desai The Mass Shooter du jour is in fact a Trumptard.

Now ABC News has learned that two guns and Nazi materials were found at the scene. ABC13 has confirmed that Nazi materials found inside the car registered to DeSai.

From Ape’s link.

IBT.Com carried the story, and there is one comment, some loony lady claiming muzzie’s love Hitler and that all Muslim Bookstores carry Mein Kampf ergo this guy was probably a Muzzie.

It’s due to the valuable contributions of literate folks like her that the innernets are such a reliable source of information today.


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Oh phew, I thought I was having some kind of bizarre flash backs.

Is that a mass shooting? Just wondering

Take yer time

If you shoot 4 people it’s a mass shooting.

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So this Patriot shot 4 people but in two different locations, does that jeopardize his Mass Shooter status?

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