Titanic and Valentines Day

I am looking forward to seeing the movie Titanic, the Ridgefield Playhouse is having a special showing tomorrow night for Valentines Day.

I know, it’s a bit romantic, nonetheless…

I have nurtured my cynical side over the years and I have developed at least…15 minutes of resistance.


Spoiler alert!


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I saw Titanic last night, as expected. It was fantastic seeing it on the ‘big’ screen’ again.

Wonderful theater, recliner seats and sich, Staffed by handicapped people.

So, did the boat sink again?

About 45 minutes of the movie were taken up with windows and doors imploding from water bursting in. Fun cruise.

Serious question:

Why is it that so many male heroes die at the end of movies?

Is it because the movie makers want us to remember them as they were at their prime and their moment of greatest truth? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Titanic and Leonardo, Bonnie and Clyde?

I think about sich things because I have decided to write a novel. I have no illusions, it’s just a hobby and I will probably just make 50 copies or so on the copy machine. I will be charging $2.99 per copy if anybody wants one. It will be signed as well.:grin: