To Whom It May Concern

I’ve been in touch with an old forum friend from long ago. He has asked me for certain permissions which I readily granted.

I won’t name him, but I’ll say that he’s been around many of the forums I’ve frequented over the years, but in a semi-retired manner. He reads and ghosts, but rarely posts. A few of you may have known him when he was more high-profile, perhaps as “Mrs. F’s little boy,” although that wasn’t his actual forum name.

As I am now mostly retired from all the forums but this one, and I have much respect for his work, I give him (MFLB) license to carry on as he likes on any other forums, posting in MY style and using MY pet expressions, if and as he wishes

He is enjoined NOT to use any of my better-known usernames, and if challenged, he is not to claim he is actually me.

He is also permitted to use variations on my classical avatars, namely:
~~ Disney’s Miss Peach
~~ Vermeer’s Girl with Pearl Earring
~~ the Johnson Silver Minnow fishing lure
~~ the Heddon Magnum Hellbender fishing lure
(but only in variant forms that are recognizably different from the originals.)

Treat him with care, friends and enemies. He’s not as charitable as I am.

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So if “We” see one of lesser known “youse”, on a forum acting out of “character” just let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak?

But isn’t everybody a Spoon dual, deep down? Search your feelings, you know it to be true.


Chances are, you might. After all, no one could do a perfect job of mimicking Me.


I’ve been hearing reports that my aforementioned Old Forum Friend (OFF for short) has been creating a stir at the BastardFactory, a forum where I was said to be active a year or so ago while using the name “Jake.” While it’s true that I may have (long, long ago) used that name, I can neither confirm nor deny being the “Jake” of BastardFactory. This inability is due to a certain imprecision in my short term memory due to my advancing age. :sunglasses:

At any rate, the reports reaching me are interesting enough to warrant a new thread, which I’ll address soon.

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