Traffic ticklers

What do you call a stolen Tesla?

An Edison.


Edison shud be dug up and kilt again

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Jeez, must you?

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Just use 25/64


I’ve never seen a socket set in 64ths

Plus, at .3906 it would be too small.

Just use a 6-point 7/16 socket and most times you’ll get away with it.

Really - the diff is 31 thousands which will not matter


Yeah, sorry I had a brain fart based on having hand loaded a lot of 10 mm auto ammo a long time back… I forgot that the bullet is actually a true .40 cal and not a true 10 mm. Yer .40 bullet is 10.17 mm, I did the decimal conversion in my head, and unlike Trump I’m known to make errors.

But you still haven’t shown me a 25/64 socket wrench, so we’re even.

If grainger does not have it - it don’t exist


Photo by: Ben Doney

Beached big rig gets caught by tide on Oregon Coast

On Tuesday, the driver wanted to take a photo of his truck on the beach and got caught in the surf.
Author: Christina Kempster
Published: 4:43 PM PDT October 30, 2019
Updated: 4:49 PM PDT October 30, 2019
WARRENTON, Ore. — Here’s an example of a photo opp gone wrong. On Tuesday, a big rig driver wanted to take a photo of his truck on Sunset Beach in Warrenton and got caught by the tide.

That’s when Clatsop County Sons Of Beaches came to the rescue. The volunteer group of 4x4 owners are often called to help tow beached cars.

Ben Doney and Jay Pitman used a Jeep and super duty truck to get the big rig out of the surf and back to the pavement.

Doney said he’s helped others stuck on the beach before but this was by far the biggest recovery he’s been a part of.

Fuck this post, and that post too!

Use rain x - no need fer wipers

you know when it raining so hard ya can’t see 3 feet with yer wipers full blast

and someone passes you with no wipers

that would be me

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That’s about the size of it.

Gas prices stay “stable” for a while and the Market goes back to buying Tanks, Gas spikes up in price and then people dump the tanks, and buys Prius’s…the eternal cycle that Dealerships were designed for

Corvette Owners are dumn

Have you lost your marbles?

Trucker loses trailer of 38,000 pounds of marbles on I-465