Trudeau invites pope to Canada for Church apology to indigenous peoples

Trudeau is fucking scum inviting scum

So, you don’t think the Catholic church owes an apology to indigenous peoples in the Americas?

What’s the problem Duke? Come sit and tell me why Trudeau is scum.

It’s like inviting Hitler to Israel to apologize to the jews - what the fuck

the church is the most evil fucking entity on the planet - what the fuck good is an apology

He is scum for inviting the pope to do this

I used to like him but he just made the list


Regardless, the church still owes these people a HUGE apology.

The church is pretty damn evil. But I think Francis is trying to do better.

And I agree about Trudeau. Just another neoliberal in sheep’s clothing.

Nevertheless, the church and our nations all owe indigenous people an apology or two or 1000.

I fucking hate when someone has done fucking evil and now they are cool - oh were good people now - fuck you


Canada will fuck up another group if there is ten cents to be made just like the USA

How many times I gotta tell yas

We are still fucking over aboriginal people. It’s going to take a really really long time to undo all the shit from the past, and even then, when there is a buck to be made, fuck em.

Regardless, there is a large group of aboriginal people who suffered what amounts to culture genocide, nevermind all the other abuse. The Catholic Church owes them, at the very minimum, an apology, which is not about correcting what happened because it cannot be undone, but it should be acknowledged for, if nothing else, the healing of those who experienced such abuse.

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For what it’s worth. Damage done.

I thought this had to be a meme but I guess not… These asshole’s evil has no bounds…

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You’d think after all their heinous criminal acts past, present and future they’d just ban this stupid Church bullshit and arrest the pigs running it. But nooooo

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I pray to the sweet baby Jesus, that the First People’s offered that Head Dress to the Pope as a token of Heck yeah you betcha? If not, that’s cringey.

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It’s super cringey either way… This fucking asshole is worse than the Benedict asshole… and they’re still covering up for all their child rapists.

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Only in Western society would people be dumb enough to see these pigs as something “holy.” Fuck.


be that as it may, the Catholic Church is a yuuge entity with a long reach…

it is what is it is and shit, until the revolution anyway.

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