Trump is waging a Central American style "Dirty War" on Portland

Where’s all those 2nd amendment folks and all of those tough and proud vets who took an oath to stand up for our constitutional rights and protect Merican freedom? Oh yeah that’s right they’re doing nothing as usual… The whole gun fondling thing was always more about protecting white supremacy than anything else…




So yeah, just like that the government has declared war on Portlanders… and most of those 2nd amendment folks are totally cheering it on.

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Mayor Ted Wheeler claims he wants them out yet his police department are coordinating with them and sometimes immersing themselves with them.

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US Attorney Billy Williams works for Trump (Appointed by Obama)


I can’t even put into words how pissed I am about how EVERYTHING is being handled here, from Trump to the Pig Department, to Ted Wheeler…

IN PROGRESS: Local faith and community leaders are speaking outside of the federal building

hope they don’t get murdered by Trump’s goons

lol Billy WIlliams works in the same building…

Yup he’s the Boss in the Solomon Building.

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I’m seeing lefty articles tying all of this to Trump invoking the “insurrection act” a month ago, and how this is an attempt to make Trump a “wartime President” for the election. The articles against Portland amounted to a list of graffiti events and nothing more egregious than that.


IMHO, I think before this movement loses it’s way…it’s about time to be taking some more proactive steps, What are the goals, and start talking, demanding, negotiating etc…hanging around downtown every night setting yourselves up for another game of tag with the gendarmes…or take advantage of the sympathy the BLM movement still has and carpe diem an shit. Portland is in the news cycle right now, seize the day, grab a sound bite and get in the game. I’d do it, but my door pants are in the wash.

My 2 cents.

Easy violating of the 1st and 10th.

Trump has walked on more constitutional rights than I’m bothered to count and Republicans keep cheering him on.


Demands have been made and ignored, the protests continue…

This is where you and your gun toting friends are supposed to show up and save merica with your AR-15’s.

If I was an Oregon resident I’d see no problem with it. Crossing guns over state lines gets sticky enough to land me in federal jail.

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Take it to the People. This movement has the media peeking in right now…some gallery of “movers and shakers” should announce a press conference…maybe see if this guy will front for you, he has some legit cred, this might be the story to win him his Pulitzer. He helped take out a popular Democratic Governor that was letting his dick think for him.

I think Trump’s goons are Blackwater mercs…

We (even the Guard) use rentals all the time.
They just look like Fed Police.
The State and Country doesn’t have enough vehicles for everyone.

But this is a federal plate, just so you know.


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