Trump ordered his minions to stop negotiating

Trump ordered his minions in Congress to stop negotiating a VOCID stimulus package today.

Guess what time of the day he issued this edict.

Hint (today’s DowJones):


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Oh my goodness, I think I need a Staycay from all this #winning

He saw the market reaction and reversed course because Trump.

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Can’t have the rich people hurting…

If I don’t get another socialist stimulus check to prop up Commie Donny’s fake economy soon I might start my own fuckin riot.

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He is more than likely running on raging inducing steroids. He doesn’t probably know what he’ll do one minute to the next.

And I know they’re watching the polls, he is going to lose and big. He lost an average of 5 points after his roidy performance last week in the debate.

He’s one of those fuckers that will burn everything down when he loses. Just watch.


And the steroids made it worse!

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