Ukraine walks a tightrope between east and west. Ukraine Ueber Alles!

The Ukraine will soon be what it has been for centuries… Russia. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not exactly.


Frankly, I don’t care what it is…

But we were sold on Russian aggression about them taking what wasn’t theirs. Well, Crimea was Russian from 1783-1989 give or take a year.

The Crimean people want to go back by a margin of 90%.

So, what the heck the Ukranians are whining about is beyond me…

So anyways to get back to the OP, i thought the tightroper-person was pretty talented.

You wuz trolling…

Those Ukraine girls Really Knock Me Out, They Leave The West Behind.

(Apparently it’s acctyoually a Russian Internet Influencer going home after a photo shoot, in 2020, but whatever.)

Boggles the mind. “Whatever”, indeed.

Btw, if everything goes to shit, it’s been fun knowing all of you, all these years.

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Ditto on that Brothers, and all of our old friends from days gone by.