Veggie Garden 2017

Just ordered some seeds, got a bunch of seeds already too… will be getting some plastic for my raised bed mini greenhouses soon so I can get an early start on my spring salad garden.

I just got…

Extra Dwarf Pak Choy
Red Express Cabbage
Pepper Cress
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Rocky Top Lettuce Mix Salad Blend
Gigante d’ Inverno Spinach
Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard
Early Scarlet Globe Radish


So after some shit weather it has been very unseasonably warm again around here most days, I’m going to try to get some beds and spots cleared out and ready to plant before it rains next Tuesday. Which next Monday it’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees.

I have some new sheet plastic to put over one bed which really helps in the cold temps. Even on a cold day a little sunlight and it’s hitting 80 degrees, and the stuff will grow fast. I’ll plant some in the ground too which will hopefully sprout but will grow slower because I’m sure there will still be some low temps but should stay alive. Once it warms up it takes off.

So I’m planning on planting all kinds of salad/greens and some radishes, peas, etc. It’s really nice to be able to go out and pick your salad for lunch/dinner in the morning. I think I like the cool salad season as much as the tomato-pepper-melon season. Once it warms up though, no more lettuce…

Plus the lettuce etc. is super easy to grow, the old timers around here plant it on Valentines day.

I also picked up some more seeds…

Tennis Ball Lettuce
Corn Salad (some sort of green)
Little Caesar Lettuce - Descr: A small gourmet romaine, small compact heads…


I think I’m going to get one of these cheap electric tillers…

Oh I got some stuff growing but weather this year was shitty, I’m usually starting to eat salads about now.

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Tiller LMAO

Grandma never had no lectric tiller

But she did have one outlet and one fer the well

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Bet she would have liked to have had one!

She had a hell of garden and lived to be 90

She used to can a lot of stuff - a lot

I dunno why the call it canning when it’s a jar


There are ways you can do it without one a lot easier but I was laid up all last fall and didn’t get my prep for this year done… so tilling it is… just bought one on ebay.

So I bought one of those electric tillers direct from the company late in the afternoon on Monday and they still haven’t even shipped it out yet… I inquired about it yesterday and they said they would contact the warehouse and let me know what’s up… Never heard anything else back… Today I asked to cancel my purchase and get a refund. Meanwhile I still need one… what a bunch of ass hats.

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That sucks - I use to have a little gas powered one but it kilt itself - it did work thou

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WIth online sales/service like theirs I doubt they’ll be around long! I’m getting a different brand now, as soon as I get my refund, probably late in the day on Monday the way they work. Assholes just wasted my time.

oh and fired up the battery powered weed eater today, worked great. :slight_smile:

I saw that they are working on and some have it working wireless charging fer electric cars with some stores offering free wireless charging if you have their shopper card

so like you go to whole foods and while yer shopping yer car gets charged for free and no plugging in or fucking around

that is stone fucking smooth

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Sounds awesome, didn’t Tesla invent wireless electricity like 100 years ago?

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Yes he did - they still don’t know how he did it

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sounds like they might be figuring it out, probably knew all along…

No, not like he did

His was way fucking beyond today’s stuff

there about 6000 people on yourtube trying to do it

Unless you have a PHD in Physics you have zero chance of ever getting close

Tom Edison stole much of his innovation from Tesla. In his later years Tesla was working on some really crazy shit like time travel. Many thought he lost his mind or had become a Charleston. IDK man
I tend to believe he really was getting close to it.

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He had a thing about as big as a coffee can that he said could shake down the Manhattan Bridge - he turned it on one day and almost shook down a building they say - fer real -

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That part of the world produces some serious genius

I know some offspring whose parents are from those parts


and a couple days later be speaking French

And I am like WTF

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I don’t think time travel will ever be a thing.