Veggie Garden 2018

Got part of a row tilled up, getting ready to go plant some cool weather crops.

Swiss Chard
Some mixed mustards
some cabbage for baby leaf harvesting
and soaking some spinach seeds to plant tomorrow…

Only warmish (low 50’s) day before it rains in a couple days, want to get stuff planted before it rains. .


What happened with your microgreens? Are they a pain in the ass?

I just never setup a system for them, you need some shelves and about 4 - 4ft dual shop lights… then you can do a bunch of trays… the thing with the micros is they take a lot of seeds but you can buy in bulk and the more you buy the cheaper the seeds are.

I plant some things in the ground like micros and harvest them as micros like buckwheat which is really good but not warm enough for yet… buckwheat is fast growing too…

So it looks like the stuff I planted on Mar. 15th is just now starting to sprout as the weather gets to around 65 in the daytime and 45 at night.

I needed some protection from downpours for my trays of starts so I put some plastic on one of these hoophouses. And if it dips down to a light frost I can probably save stuff…

Not a lot in there right now, a tray of tomatoes and peppers, some cups with tomatoes I transplanted, a couple trays of lettuce and a tray of buckwheat micros.

First tray of lettuce starts in the ground about a week now…


Don’t the critters eat your lettuce?

Not usually, they don’t seem to care for lettuce much.

Lettuce, arugula, kale, more lettuce starts, a couple rows of green beans and some tomatoes in the back… I have the black containers set out to scare the critters away, without them they would have come through and eaten the top off every bean start. For the tomatoes I have some with the bottom cut out that I put around the start so they don’t eat the top off, once they get bigger they usually don’t mess with them.



I planted 5 Cherokee Purple and 2 Mortgage Lifter, both heirlooms, a lot of the hybrid tomatoes don’t taste that great in my experience. I think I used to grow that beefmaster and it would put out a lot of nice tomatoes but they were more like grocery store tomatoes.

And I hate those Bonnie Plants starts… overpriced for bland tasting shit…

Here’s a cherokee purple…


Yeah, I’m not convinced that all GMO is bad.

Hybrids aren’t GMO, just commercially cross bred, usually more for production, looks and shelf life, disease and pest resistance etc. rather than flavor… hardly any of the vegetables and things like tomatoes are GMO, I guess they tried GMO tomatoes for awhile in the 80’s or 90’s and they were awful.

Hybrid = tomatoes crossed with tomatoes to create a new type of tomato.

GMO = Fish genes spliced in with the tomato genetics.


I agree. They have a fiber pot and a cute name and picture and that’s about it. I would have to pay $24 dollars to get what I pay $1.99 cents for with the six packs. It’s all marketing.

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Do you intend to grow any melons this year?

Probably not, whenever I try the area always gets overgrown with grass, weeds and bugs…

I remember your saying that you loved sugar watermelons.:slightly_smiling_face:

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they’re good but take a lot of room and sometimes don’t produce, for me anyways.

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How green are your gardens?

I have about 9 tomato plants, a pattypan squash, herb garden (cilantro, basil, oregano, Italian parsely, sage, thyme, and chives) , strawberry pot full of strawberries, potatoes growing in a container. Oh, I also have some thornless blackberries.

Everything is growing so fast and beautifully.

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I moved you to this one… I have around 14 tomato plants now I think, I’ll try to get a new pic of mine tomorrow.

Thanks for moving, I didn’t see the topic.

I have a very small area to garden, so I’m making the best of my space. One cherry tomato made it through winter and has been producing. I also have a serrano pepper plant that overwintered as well. I also have grapes, but every year the raccoons get them first.

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