War Chuds - Portland Last Night


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Portland Piggy


Portland Protest Tour


I like this guy, but methinks he be very sacrificial.

Lovell reminds me of the mentally challenged wrestling coach in high school who was also dean of students and had a similar lisp…Another fun note, Chuck once choked out a 15 year old girl as school resource officer, clearly qualified to be token chief.

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Didn’t know that that, hmm, so he is an offering to the lords above.


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They made him token chief right after the protests started.

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I know, I applauded that, but trying to believe it was a legit move, because maybe Chuck was a Rock Star, even though Chuck was being promoted about 5 levels up to this position, which is uncommon in private or public enterprise,

Just another gas lighting abusive lying cop.

Yup a sacrifice.

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Cops almost never skip multiple pay grades.

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