Was I just having flashbacks last night

Or was the site down for a bit? I got the 503 bad gateway a couple times

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There were some issues with the automatic backup, and Billdo had to get out the toolbox.

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I think 503 means google found them bad videos

Fck! Now what?

I got bad gateway and a 502. It was AWFUL!


Whoa, deja vu.

I rebooted the server on my break from my cell phone.

I’m sensing a pattern

So the disk was 100% full which was the problem… I found some trick commands that cleaned up the server/site and we’re now at 55% of disk space… I didn’t want to resize to a bigger server because the next size up is twice as expensive a month.

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It’s a good thing we don’t have smites, Boro’s account would have held 75% of the storage for just that.


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Am I posting too many gifs and minifilmy thingies?

Site acted like it was having to hunt for a spot to log my likes…NVM, I’ll merge topics.

It seems to register the Like, but I also get a
“500 Internal Server Error” dialog

Wrote this last night about 8 PST, but then I got the 502 trying to post it and it apparently was 502 all night.

Check the flashbacks thread for the 502 thing, and they may be related. Billdo might have found the issue

Just saw it, merging the threads now.

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A salient question actually. What sort of things did the cleanup clean up?

Might help us decide to change our posting habits, @Billdo

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I originally said a 503 error code in the OP, but it was actually a 502, if that helps.

I got a 504 and then a 502 on the first day (Friday I think)

Jus say it was spooky OKR’s like I used to do

It cleaned up the unused Docker containers on the server. I guess once Docker creates a container it stays there until it’s manually deleted, which I didn’t know… but came in handy for freeing up space.