We just watched "Sully"

You know, the Tom Hanks movie about the Miracle on the Hudson.

Good film, and Hanks was primo as always.

But one of the “takeaways” was that the reason 155 people survived the event was that EVERYTHING WORKED. All the first responders, all the people…not just a really good pilot.

And I realized that it’s LIKE THAT in NYC most of the time.

Except for that one time when nothing worked very well. I think it was on 9/11/01. And you know, the FACT that nothing worked on that date, in a city where EVERYTHING USUALLY WORKS PRETTY FUKKIN WELL, ought to tell you something.


And the plane was well-designed, the crew knew what to do, ferry skippers improvised, etc.

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jet fuel may be able to melt steel beams, but not the Hudson…