We need a pinned Greta thread - she ain't going away


~ ~ yawn ~ ~

Nothing to prevent you from searching up any and all Greta threads and pinning them for yourself, as far as I know. Please advise if that’s wrong.

It turns out the only reason that Greta won, is because The Donald turned them down, No really!

This is old - 2017

Right, after going on about not getting it and doctoring up his own version of it, he’s gonna turn it down.

He’s a leader.

tiny lady bad

Meghan is like her piece of shit father

First rule of Climate Club, don’t talk about the climate!

Tiny lady tr0alling on her 18th birthday (I dunno how long that is in fahrenheit non-metric murrican years)


This photo should win a prize in the Poetic Justice category.