Well, I’ve got it

Covid. Confirmed.

Almost three years of beating the pandemic, go to ONE class for two hours, and catch it from some asshole who attended in spite of hacking and coughing almost continuously.

A roomful of retirees and Covid Jack decides to spray his diseased spew promiscuously.

Hope he’s in ICU by now.


I once had a cousin who died from that(yahoo boards.) LOL
People in my area have been pretty good about not coughing but I would always run into one at the market :nauseated_face:
Hopefully what you have will be one of the weaker variants.

So far mild.


A couple retiree neighbors of mine just came back from a Med. Cruise compliments of their son who is on staff as a “Trainer” with Norwegian Cruise Lines…with covid, last I heard bad cold/flu symptoms, but not too serious.

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