Well, that escalated quickly

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I always used to set up stuff like that at the bookstore.


No racially tinged photographs in that post. Nope, none.

Geez Flannel if your going to set up a shot at least make it believable.

You have to admit it’s subtle and funny.

No, actually it’s not funny.

I don’t see what you don’t get about how your bigotry just isn’t amusing.

That’s not the point. The point of this thread is the funny juxtaposition of items for sale, whether inadvertent or not.

Your “humor” is relying on race to be funny.

Don’t insult anyone’s intelligence.


I think Oak’s sense of humor has been removed.

Yeah, maybe I need to be white to find comparing monkeys to the Obamas funny.

How many times was Bush referred to as a chimp?

Who cares?

Maybe you’ve been in West Virginia too long. Don’t come back, you won’t fit in.

If we can’t take it maybe we should not dish it out.


I don’t think comparing, from any historical perspective, a white man to a chimp and a black man to a chimp is nearly the same Mr. Wannabe Social Worker…maybe you should rethink your career.

I may be a “bitch” and a “cunt” and “humorless”, but I’m no racist, privileged, or a son of a bitch.

You all take the fucking cake.

Here is how the Irish used to be depicted.




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Jesus H Christ and you all spend thousands of posts denying what the fuck is in front of your face.

You all should take yourselves by the shoulders and pull those fucking spheres you call heads out of your fucking putrid asses

Racism is, has been and always will be a fact of life…I’ve just learned to consider the source and laugh at its stupidity.

Maybe you just need to learn to chill a little.

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Maybe you should stop minimizing it.

It’s why nothing ever changes. People that can fit in with the racists, like you, chuckle along and encourage the bullshit.

You lose your own humanity.

I’m more ashamed of you, as a liberal, than the conservative that Flannel is…at least with him it’s part of the package.

I don’t minimize it…I just take action in other ways than getting all excited and screaming “racist”.

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