What happened to

That Cindybin poster? Shit canned or did it just bugger off on its own?

She came, gave us a piece of her crazy mind and left


I think she suffers from the same condition as Underdog Woman.

That poor soul.

It is TERRIBLE you use profanity. How crude and offensive. Are you really a woman? Here I am always scolding the guys for using bad language because ladies are on these boards, and so it really drives me nuts when a woman swears. We will never get the guys to respect women and understand that a gentleman shouldn’t swear in front of a lady, as long as ladies swear. Nobody should swear.

Why would you say I have a “crazy mind”? WHY??

Listen, I’m not sure you are who you say you are

IF you are who you say you are, say you are the real cindybin

This troll is boring me already.

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I am the real Cindybin. Go to my YouTube channel cindybin2001, or my blog which has been online for years.

Just imagine how stultifying it must be for the poaster.

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I imagine he’s stroking his shlort in between posts.


checked it

That is the real cindybin, but question is, are YOU the real one?

Say hello to me there

BTW I’m not gonna troll your channel


Okay, I’ll say hello rance on my most recent video.

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LOL after all these years you still have some “fans” trolling you in your channel

I was one of the guys who used to pester you in yahoo

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Who were you on Yahoo?


you had a big fan base, you probably don’t remember me

Cindybin doesn’t know any of her fans because she was too busy lecturing people and bragging about herself to pay attention to anyone else’s story. I’m sure she doesn’t remember me, either, though I posted with her many, many times.

Narcissist, is what that’s called, I think.

Did she?

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I’m not sure I understand this Cindy thing. Is she really like this or is this some act because it seems rather comical.

I have no history.

She sure did

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