What Would You Like To See?

Hollywood frequently tries to capitalize on the concept of having a female take the role of a male character. Usually I just role my eyes.

However, I can think of one movie where I would like to see this happen. I will tell you my selection later.

What movie, if any, would you pick?

I want to see Scarlett Johansson take the Dustin Hoffman role in a remake of “Tootsie”.

How about Fight Club with Sarah Huckaby Sanders and KellyAnne Conway in the lead role(s)


Lovei it!

Strangers on a Train


Is that Melania Trump?

No. Does Trump live rent free in your head?:grin:

As a rule of thumb yes, I generally am aware of who the President of the USA is, and any “buzz” that may surround that person be it yea or nay. So the short answer is yes, I suppose.