Whelp, Sanders is out. Its Sleepy Joe vs the Orange Shitgibbon

False equivalency and you know it.

Why do I even attend this echo chamber of Blue Trump voters…

You know as well as the rest of us that you need and seek the approval of people you see as mentors and role models.

There is no one here intelligent enough to think Trump and Biden are both terrible… yet you think I see you guys as mentors or role models?

One of you literally said you want to dismantle the constitution. Another can’t debate to save his life and always rolls back with “pos troll”… yeah. Mentors. LOL

There’ve been others of your mindset here but they tend to be banned for being douchebags. Why do you think it is that they are like that?


I’ve yet to meet anyone here that is of the same mindset, are you okay?

You should have read past the first seven words.

The next words are irrelevant if the first seven are already false.

You avoided, as you’ve done before, a simple question. Is that what you call debate!

Your lack of knowledge is not proof of its absence.

So kindly tell me my exact “mindset”, since you’re asking for proof of otherwise… you should have proof for.

Pro gun folks, those who bristle at criticism of Trump but pick nits and inflate meaningless things about liberal counterparts, things like that. To a man they’ve been banned for being douchebags.

Your obvious exception notwithstanding.

Ah, yes, so you’ve ignore my Trump gripes. You don’t know what you’re talking about, please come again.

I can justify my characterization for you if you like.

Are you gonna quote my statement on how Trump and Biden are both garbage? Because that alone undermines your thought process.

They may both be garbage, on that let us agree. But one of them has to win the next round of the selection process, yes or no?

Yet people voted for Biden in the primary :frowning:

Yet W was reelected, Trump was elected.,…wot u point

And yet an accusation you levied against Biden I applied more appropriately to Trump and you got into a hizzy that ended with you turning it on me with still no support for your point of view.

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That was hawt!