Wild Oyster Mushrooms

We just foraged while hiking…

Vegan wild oyster mushroom pasta with a vodka sauce, Beyond meatballs on the side. The perfect end to an amazing hike.


So we were hiking and I was like, I think these are wild oyster mushrooms, they were everywhere… my roommate was skeptical… we get up a little further and had turned around to go back and I was taking a pic of some on a log when this guy walks by, he was a little older, fit, seemed like he was probably affluent and he goes… those are oysters… and I’m like yeah they’re everywhere… he tosses his backpack down and wasted no time getting as many in it as he could as fast as possible… I knew where a bunch more were on the way back and we loaded up… We could have gotten a laundry bag full of these today, they were just everywhere… We still have two paper lunch sacks full of them and we cooked up quite a few.

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too bad they’re like three miles up a mountain…


As you well know, be very very careful with the fungi’s some of them are not so fun, and it sounds like you are,


How do you know which are the bad ones? :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:

Those will have dead bodies scattered around them on the ground.


Yeah, I had a hunch…