Work Call... where are our Mexican day laborers?

Although the Trump Victory dancing at Small Gonadz and Bitter Canucks has been pretty low-key, even desultory (and mostly phantasmagorical,) there seems to be a lot of criticism of our recent posting based on our insufficient joy about the Biden Victory. And judging from the spittle and mucus on our windows, our audience is larger than we predicted.

Accordingly, I’m taking it on myself to hire a window washing crew to clean the windows so all those poor sods can read our stuff more accurately. Minimum wage, of course, and no benefits or insurance.

I doubt that the reading comprehension will improve, but it’s worth a try. Have your people PM me, plz. We don’t want to disappoint our Lurker Members. :blush:

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It’s a safe bet that the butthurt deplorables ain’t going to Parler because they wanna speak French.

Bigly Moobs, this ones for you, enjoy.

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Liberal Ladyland

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Speaking of women and granite, I note that last week Emily Harrington became the first woman – and the fourth climber overall – to free-climb El Capitan via Golden Gate, the 3,000 foot granite wall in Yosemite National Park, in a single day.

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