WSJ Survey of America’s Top Economists: Greatest Threat to America is Republican Leadership

According to a new Wall Street Journal survey, the majority of the world’s leading economists say Republicans are the greatest threat to the American economy.

Out of 62 economists, 55 percent agreed that Republicans will cause the country to crash into another fiscal deadline. Republicans in Congress are threatening another shutdown if Planned Parenthood isn’t completely defunded. “Let’s face it, we seem to be going down to the wire yet again,” said Michael Gregory, head of U.S. economics for BMO Capital Markets.

What’s so terrible is that Republicans aren’t plotting a shutdown over economic reasons. It’s all based in the GOP’s evangelical insanity. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been rallying pastors and religious types to “preach from the pulpit” against Planned Parenthood to win public support for an amendment to defund the program.

Planned Parenthood is part of the federal budget, set to be passed in November, and Republicans threaten another shutdown if it isn’t defunded. Seventy-seven percent of the economists in the WSJ survey agree that these Republican-led clashes with the federal budget have taken a toll on the nation’s economy.

There’s absolutely no reason to shut down the government, especially over something as inconsequential to the economy as Planned Parenthood. The Republicans are using religion to destroy America.

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