Yellowstone Volcano about to blow, i have selected reservations available inbox me

So, if it’s going to blow, now would be
the time. Most people are stuck at home.
Most have enough food to last awhile.
No one would be able to run around like
chickens with their heads cut off.

Not that any of us would live. When that
fucker blows, it’ll wipe out most everything
for at least half the country, and starve or
suffocate the rest. The planet itself will
take generations to recover. Humans will
be knocked back to the numbers from 100k
years ago if they survive at all.


I’ve seen this one blow twice. Last time it closed the airport because of the ash. Interesting and a little scary.

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I have heard that the potential destruction if Y erupted could be as bad as you said, Mt Rainier is said to be capable of almost as much mass damage too should it ever burst