Yer out on strikes, Kaline

Al Kaline, 22 years a Detroit Tiger, never played in the minors and never wore any uniform but Tigers #6 … Mister Tiger is gone at 85.

Sounds like he was basically a good player.

Five likes for the first person to tell me why I said that.

I got nothing, other than maybe there is a battery joke in there somewhere.

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I’m guessing it doesn’t have anything to do with his 3007 hits, or his lifetime .297 batting average, or his rifle arm from right field, nor naturally with his decades in the front office after his playing days were over, nor even with the fact that he was a humble and well liked teammate and opponent.

I smell a trick answer, so I’ll wait for it.


Thanks to Trixie.

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Time’s up.

Alkaline is basic. Half credit to Apey for the alkaline battery reference; he got close. 3 likes.

This ends my nerdism for at least the next 30 seconds.

So he was a D Tiger his whole career? Never a AAA or AA?

You lye!

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Months later, someone posts this joke at one of my humor sources

Who is the least acidic baseball player of all time?

Al Kaline.

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