2 Dude Bros capture tornado on the Oregon coast


Just a few years ago a tornado touched down in Manzanita, Oregon. The damage to downtown, to homes and businesses was shocking. Some buildings are still being repaired.


Spectacular film of this tornado. It’s too bad it caused damaged on land.


Did that start off as a waterspout?


Not sure, probably kinda sort of, you do see water spouts once in blue moon over the water.


I believe this is the same storm seen from below.

Oh my gosh!


Holy crap!


I hope that no pot fields were damaged.:crying_cat_face:


The pots don’t do terribly well right along the shoreline. Sadly.



We captured a tornado here when it crashed in a little town called Kiama. No one believed that it was real as there has never been a sighting there. The footage and the houses said differently.