3 kids-for-cash convictions reversed against Ciavarella



There’s a statute of limitations for this sort of thing? I’m sure the affected kids appreciate that…


If I take over the world the SOL will be SOL

One kid killed himself because of him

It don’t matter - him and the other fuck will die in jail


Get the fuck out - srsly

She noted the jury’s verdict slip showed jurors found that Ciavarella violated federal law by accepting $1.6 million in kickbacks in January 2003, but that he did not violate the law regarding a $1 million payment in July 2005 and another $150,000 payment in February 2006.

As a result, Ciavarella should not have been convicted on those three counts because the only transaction that jurors found was illegal took place more than five years before the indictment came down in September 2009, she argued.


So kickbacks and quid-pro-quo payments are legal if under $1M?



One girl got 6 months for a pillow fight - not gun - fucking pillows


Someone should investigate the judge who reversed the convictions.


He is going to be retried on them

it don’t matter - the others stand and he will not get out