America, the world is watching you


…and holding their breath.

As the leader of the free world (and by leader I mean most powerful), you seem powerless to confront the very essence of what it was you thought had made you great, in the last place.

No-one else really thought you were the greatest democracy on the planet, only you did. And that is understandable. With 11 carrier groups comes a slight modicum of responsibility.

Now is the time to ignore the fact you were still segregating communities right up until eh now in fact, abusing civil rights, separating families in your care and stealing uterus’s from captive compliance like a benevolent Doctor heading up research, in a death camp.

You do realise that on the night of the 3rd Nov, 2020, Trump will claim victory. He will do that through the medium of Fox News anchors dancing on the corpse of stunned Democrats nearly no-where. He has told us all what he intends.The postal votes will not count. Victory must be won on the 3rd.

Get out and vote if you can find a station he has not shut down and queue like your democracy depends on it…because it does.


Well look what the fucking cat dragged in


Get ready for a second term… there’s more ugly mericans like Donald Trump than not… overall Muricans are greedy, racist, bigoted, petty, dumb as a box of rocks, violent, vengeful and did I say dumb?


How are you lass, let’s leave your animosity toward me at the door.

Good to see ye!


I agree, but there comes a point where faith in your nation has to be honoured.Trump is not a parochial issue that merely applies to Americans. Trump simply personifies a fast growing populism that needs to be rooted out stem and branch, throughout all western not very civil civilisations.

I am preaching to the converted, but unfortunately where America goes, many countries will follow. Including my own South of Scotland’s border with absolute reality.


I’m good! Oak will be happy as heck to see you here


Well I am glad you are here. Oak invited me, I will need to be on my best behaviour I think.


Maybe you could remind me Flea when I am being a prick. It would be genuinely helpful.


You can’t change who you are, but you can change how you act. If you need to be told when you’re “being” something… :thinking:



Unless you spent even a week putting up with the MAGA madness and weak minded, at Fleas former forum.

I don’t need to change, I just need to dial it down a bit. There is no shame in admitting that, either to myself or to you.


Well I don’t think you’re being a dick, so stiff upper lip and carry on and all that.


My only concern for me here is whether I will be truly engaged. Agreement by its very nature is easy, when there is nothing to rage against. I find consensus posting difficult.


So it’s either consensus or rage?


Isn’t it nothing but?


Welcome Blandy!


Please don’t. We tend to keep it pretty civil here though. I’m probably the naughtiest, at least as it relates to “colorful” language.


It’s ok. We’re all pricks at times


Yes, we are.

It’s why when people make a sincere effort to bury a hatchet, I’m open to it, as long as it’s not in my back. :upside_down_face:


I would never deliberately embarrass you lass.

And I can see this is a forum of decent peeps.


Yeah, but you’re funny and wouldn’t embarrass me. Just be yourself, you’re a very decent man and I could see that through your posts, even when you were disemboweling a poster.

I love how you reduced Freud to “yeah, nah”.