Angry, the Incel Elf, picks a fight at the bagel shop



OMG,what a fucktard! And he got taken down FAST.


Yeah dude, there’s a pecking order…


Wot was this about


He disrespected the Bagel Boss


Poor little guy. Hopefully he can learn from this and grow, as a person.


lolz quite the angry little guy


Is this cause he is short?

I had that problem in the Army - sgt broke my balls cause I was tall and he was just tall enuf to get in.

I finally told him I was gona cut his fucking throat to fix the problem - fer real


I thought the short guys had to join the Core?


Mother fucker actually thot I should work instead of staying out all night and sleeping all day! WTF?


You get a lot of guys drunk with power in that organization, sadly.