Any of You Seen the Sally Hawkins Movie "Maudie"?


I was quite taken with her and her acting in the Shape of Water and had wanted to see this. A movie guy at work gave me the DVD so maybe I’ll watch it this w/e…or next.


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I have the movie on - 4:30 in and Sally has me crying already.


You’re so emotionally involved you have to stop and post?


I’m very sensitive to other people’s troubles.


Starling. Think twice before watching this movie. I know you are a crier.


I’m not even going to bother. I can barely watch coffee commercials without water works.


Stopping to post while you’re crying reeks of crocodile tears and attention whoring. Just sayin’.


I have to say though. I love this movie - in small doses. Hawkins and Hawke both wonderful. Good writing. Very nice camera-work.