Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


aka rareseeds dot com…

I like their free catalog, their anti-GMO stance, their website is pretty nice, etc… but I haven’t had a very good experience with most of the seeds I ordered last year.

The real bummer was these Craig’s Grand Jalapeno’s which are as hot as green peppers… wtf?

The Amish Paste tomatoes were another flop, 2 years in a row while other varieties do well next to them. It’s like one out of every 4-5 plants is decent… fuck those…

Yellow Monster Pepper, King of the North, Emerald Giant, all disappointing… lucky to get a couple peppers off each of them and they’re hardly as giant as they make them sound…

Most of their Cherokee Purple tomatoes did ok…

Their Black Plum tomato I think it is… another big disappointment…

I can’t really think of anything I’d want to buy again, if one were relying on baker creek for sustenance and survival they’d starve to death if their experience was anything like mine.


You probably forgot to use the Miracle Grow :sweat_smile:


If only Science could figure out a way to somehow make plants more sustainable with higher yields.


I have family members who still make a living farming

A cousin of mine deals with coffee and the rest of the year, he grows peppers, tomatoes, cabbages, lettuces and others.

He says the only way to have decent yields nowadays is using GMO seeds.

He says that between abnormal weather patterns, pests, heat and poor soil, it’s impossible to use old seeds.


Some of the heirlooms produce, you just have to find the good ones… and the heirloom tomatoes are way better than 90% of the hybrids. I could grow some beefsteak hybrids that produce like crazy and come out perfect but the flavor isn’t there.


Alright… I gotta give credit where credit is due… the Baker Creek, Pink Brandywine heirlooms are awesome and probably the most pest resistant tomato plant I have, puts out great tasting beefy tomatoes, it’s the classic garden tomato… really great if you let them get nice and red…

And the Jimmy Nardelllo pepper seeds are great too… I think it’s their King Of The North bell pepper that puts out some really nice red bell peppers too. And their Pepperoncini peppers are great too.

Cooking up some pizza sauce, gonna make some pizza, gotta get rid of some of this stuff before it rots.