BD6 and Emma should be pen pals




Apparently the poor guy just hasn’t gotten over his wrong prediction that Hillary couldn’t lose. He took her lose hard.



It’s sad, that the latest win Trumpanzees can point to, is over two years gone


A “win” that’s still happening, meanwhile the libturds are failing to nullify it.


No one is trying to nullify it.

What we want to do is to keep the government “honest”. And we have one of the most corrupt administrations ever.

It’s not good for the country if the GOP gets away with its corruption. It leaves the door open for the Democrats to do the same when they eventually get the government back under their control.

We’re going through mutual destruction, starting with normalizing corruption at levels unseen in American history.


You’re not wrong. A corrupt Democrat- now that’s even scarier.


Scarier than a corrupt Republican? How so?


Corrupt Repukes just make money. Corrupt Dems take freedoms, initiate unfair taxes to alleviate their shit spending, etc


Oh, brother.


Example: WA State.


Taking people’s money is, in fact, taking away their freedom. Right now the GOP is talking about making hundreds of billions of cuts into entitlement programs.


Typically of you to softball corrupt Republicans. They make money off of you and me, and you don’t care.


You must be feeling better I haven’t seen you troll in quite a while.


You’re right, Democrats to love to rape with the taxes and therefore take away freedom.


Look who is playing meat shield for Republicans.


You can be my meat shield.


A non-sequitur, how novel.


Are you talking about Lois Lerner?


I mean I could throw down his argument and reminded him that I enlisted under Obama, but that would shatter his argument and it wouldn’t be fun.