BLM In the Oregon High Desert



This state is racist and bigoted as fuck, Oregon false advertises itself as a lib state when it’s really more like Idaho


Eastern Oregon (Except for Bend, and a few isolated enclaves of artists and writers) is Idaho.

But bottom line, Oregon is America.


That’s a lame excuse though, Oregon and Portland need to stop misrepresenting themselves as “liberal” places when it’s full of racists and bigots. Portland isn’t liberal, we have one of the most brutal, racist, bigoted right wing police departments in the country.


I don’t think Portland or Oregon do, it’s just an image that coalesced over time. And it is relative, I think it can be demonstrated that The governments of Portland and Oregon have had more liberal policies in place then most “red states”


It’s a right wing state that coddles whitey right wingers and persecutes everyone else, simple as that. It’s why there has been over 90 days of protests.


Racism is an international disease, Merica doesn’t have the sole franchise on that, our History in racism is just worse than average modernized country.


When is American Apartheid ever going to end? You know I"m right though, Oregon and Portland misrepresent themselves as a progressive state and city when they’re really not.