California, Texas is stealing your jobs



I think the only way to keep California strong is #1, but they’ll end up breaking up PG & E to do it. I’m all for that.

If they can’t get the job done, we need companies that can.


Good! It will make Texas blue!


Can’t wait until the last con whiner leaves the area.


Still waitin


Back to @Flannel: It’s bad when you can no longer tell the difference between a troll and reality.


The best trolls have some believability.


PG&E was forced by the state of CA to spend a ton of money on renewable energy projects, which did not leave them much money for maintenance (of right-of-ways, etc.).



But anyone with two brain cells to rub together can tell me I’m right


Show me one instance in the last 100 years where a con campaigned for clean air and water without being up against the wall and forced to support it

shud be easy according to you


That’s not going to happen. The people in the interior parts of California will largely remain conservative.