Capt. Sullenberger has some thoughts on this election


Evidently he doesn’t voat Republican any more.


Turn off java script to read it or pay a dollar

Sully wrote some good stuff there


or incognito


So for 85 percent of his life he was a rat fuck con

another misery lover

but now he is different

Yeah right!

Once you fetch rat con blood their ain’t no going back - it’s like being bit by a vampire


I wanna see TRUMP call Sulley a jaelous looser babbie.


Oh, he will … if someone who reads the Post mentions the article to him.


Maybe Hannity will tell him about it, during this evenings beddy by chat.


He will no longer be a hero to CONS. Now, he’ll be a goose terrorist.


I recommend cheets and sully have a dogfight

They each get a Spitfire

Since cheets knows everything I am sure he will no trouble doing a split S to get Sully