Cats Got a Tough Stretch, Angel Slayers


I had thought 2 or even three losses in the five games starting with the last - which they did lose. Xavier on Saturday. Whose watching the game with me, huh?
Also thinking of collecting the materials for my Hellgramite catcher this w/e. That’s Dobson Fly larvae to you pavement pounders.

The Dobson Fly HORROR !


no idea what you’re talkin about, must be sports!


Yeah, It is

What’s going on with the images on google?

No more view image direct link? WTF?



Images seem to be working, I think it’s the link you used which doesn’t really look like a link to an image… I’ve noticed some places that remove the .jpg from image that they will post if you add it but not that one.

If you right click on the Google image you linked to though and copy the image address it works fine.


Just right click

copy image

and paste it into CBT

if paste is not highlighted
use ctrl V


wtf is that thing anyways?


It’s a Dobson Fly, and they are UUUUGE. It’s what Dobson Fly larvae grow up to be. Smallmouth Bass luuuuvz Hellgrammite (Dobson Fly larvae).



I’m linkin ya in for the game. Big game for Cats against Xavier on the road following a bad loss to the Friars. Must Win, but will be a tough one. 4:30, Channel 5.




Cats looking good so far. Up 15-10 at the 12 minute mark.
Remember - haven’t lost back to back games in 4 1/2 plus seasons. Crushed Xavier at home but Musketeers flawless 9 and 0 since.

Whoa! Bridges gone Insane. 16 points at the 6 minute mark - Cats up 15.

Cats let them off the floor at the end of the half, but still up 14. Hurting themselves with fouls. Xavier is a very good free throw shooting team. 10 for ten and a 10 point advantage in the first half. Otherwise the game would already be over.

Oh man. Xavier already back to within 6.

3 now - It’s a game. 19 point lead all but wiped out.

Fouls are killin em. Killin em.

Wild Wild Wild - Cats back up 9 with 4 to play.

Championship basketball - 95-79. They took the big comeback blows and pulled away. Awesome.

Great basketball. I know Billdo, and BD were secretly watching.


W/e rap-up.
Shockers put the clamps on Cincinnati 76-72, so the way it looks to me is much like the RIP had it. Virginia #1 - Cats 2nd. Then the also rans.
Michigan St will stay # 2 in the AP but why - with a 2-3 record against top 50 they don’t deserve that ranking.

So yes - here is is Monday afternoon and I was right again. Top 4 positions stay the same in AP with Duke and Gonzaga moving up to 5 and 6.
…but in the RPI it’s Virginia, Cats, Xavier, Duke with Mich St 14, and Gonzaga 43.
The 12 teams that can really win it all this year


Watch out for the Ducks, they could be the spoiler.


Are they good cheerleaders? :laugh


Why is Virginia #1?

Because they are pretty much the only team in the nation who can go on a 5-0 run with under a second to play and win by 1.