Cops in Minneapolis


Just breaking, but there’s a paywall so…

Clearly a bad shoot, but this time it’s a pretty blonde woman who called the cops for help and they shot her before even exiting the squadrol.

Black lives don’t matter, and this will be a different story.


When will moderate Yogi’s denounce this radicalized Yogi extremism?


I bet she was no angel, and the fine officer feared for his life.


They knew she had pilfered some cigars earlier, and acted accordingly.


Maybe this was the pretense Hillary used to make the order.


I agree

there’ll be no riots, no whites shooting blacks or cops to avenge her, no white figures making speeches


I think you’re shooting from the hip, Rancid.

Neither cop had his body cam turned on, and the dash cam supposedly didn’t record the incident. The cop in the right seat shot across his partner, through the driver’s door, multiple shots. It sounds completely fucked up.

Also the shooter is a Somali-American with a Muslim name.

This will not go down well, and it will highlight the difference between white cops shooting black men and black cops shooting white women.

I had hoped it would be 2 white cops and a white woman, just to let us focus on fucked up cops and not have a race element in the equation. But maybe NEXT week.


Shooting from the hip?

It’s going down exactly as I said it would

No riots, no Al Sharptons, no rage inducing from the media.

They are quietly keeping this one down and silent.

The shooting was incredibly stupid, as other have been before.

But since the victim is white and the cop is a black somali, there won’t be any politicizing from it.


Not every black male getting shot by a cop results in riots or widespread media outrage.


I disagree with that one


If we all thought about it, we could come up with what, maybe a half dozen media outrages over different black men shot by cops, does that sound about right? Heck lets even say there were 50, out of over a thousand, that’s a pretty small percentage that roused the public ire.


Every occurrence of cops committing a major fuckup like that one ends up in media outrage if the victim is black and the cop is white.

Please note that my anger is not at the cops being prosecuted, I think that if they fuck up, they have to pay

What pisses me off is that the media is allowed to take sides freely and not only that, their anti white cop crusade is responsible for the increase in shootings

They are making people increasingly bellicose towards cops and that will end up in more shooting

The media is clearly doing their worse to create these situations. It’s not a surprise that people who profit from bad things happening will want more of them to happen.





^^^ clear case of sensationalized media account, right Rancid?


And someone who failed to obey police orders.



What the flying fuck is wrong with your cops?!?!?!?!


They’re trained to be this way and most of them are pretty dumb.


Do the powers that be not see that there is a HUGE problem with policing?

Fuck the police. Do what we do - put more money into social programming so you don’t need so many police. And stop putting people in jail for drugs.