D_M's Health Update


Rest, keep getting better, let the pros take care of you. Sounds like pretty good news. I’m happy for ya.

March 30
The 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution, giving blacks the right to vote, is proclaimed by Secretary of State Hamilton Fish.
March 31 – Thomas Mundy Peterson is the first African-American to vote in an election.

Population of the United States - 1870 Census, Resident Population 38.5 million


Wow! :cry: (a little teary)

I’m so glad the hear the surgery was successful. Hang in there! You showed cancer, so the rest should fall in line!


Great news!


It’s great to hear the surgery went well. We won’t stop pushing for you for one hot second.


September 2016.

7 months later.

Cancer is beyond a killer. It takes one’s very self.


You got a perm?


Holy moly, DM.


God damn man, you’re a survivor! You’ll get yourself back, might take a minute but will probably be sooner than you expect and you’ll be eating some real food and putting some weight back on. Then you can get on the weed treatment too.


Yer still drawing breath, and your self will return.


I sure hope so.


And in 7 more months…


You’ve got this :wink:


Sorry guys. I got way ahead of myself. They didn’t get it all… additional biopsy shows it’s spread to nearby lymph nodes. The battle continues. I’m pretty depressed right now


Sorry to hear that - ya made it this far - hang in there


Are you going to be able to eat after you heal up, put some weight back on and get some weed treatment going? Don’t count yourself out yet.


Fuck. That sucks. I am so, so sorry. What do the doctors say is the next action?

And I agree with Billdo. When you can do it, do the weed and every other natural remedy known to man and knock it the fuck out that way.


Agreed. The multi-pronged approach.



Sorry bud, but it’s just a speed bump, hang loose and let the pro’s do their thing.


Here’s just hoping they can get it ALL in one fell swoop while you’re there. Fight hard and then fight harder the next day. Keep the focus and feel better!


The only easy day was yesterday, the shit just got real, now you dig in and do what WK said to do, fight harder, don’t give up Have faith in faith and the healing powers of science, nature and the higher power of your preference and sometimes a little music