Dick's Sporting Goods crossed the NRA and they hit back hard. NOW



Do you really believe they were shooting yeti coolers

lotsa bullshit in that

dicks prolly shot up their own coolers

and how would anyone know if they would have the best quarter anywho



Oh goody…maybe now you and @Borommakot can agree on something and be pals again.


No fucking way anyone can prove or disprove guns had anything to do with sales


That’s not the point. The point is that Dick’s just stood up and pissed down Wayne LaPierre’s leg and dared him to do something about it, and old Wayne fussed and fumed and the NRA grandstanded and stunted, and their threat to boycott and ruin Dick’s FAILED to do so.


That’s good cause I hate the fucking NRA


Well, ya may have lost old Boro again. :disappointed_relieved:


I am going to go buy something at Dicks, and if it say’s Dick’s on imma burn it on YT! while sitting in my car ranting on video with a ball cap.


Dicks is too expensive


Must… Not… Try… To… Correct…grammar…


So are Porsches, but people still buy them.