Dow Futures Down 770 Points


The market is on hold again, at this very moment. -7.20%.


Just reopened but still falling.


Just seems odd that The President goes on National Television to calm a frightened Nation, and the Stock Markets go nuclear. the following morning, but I am sure that is just coincidence.


21,200.62 -2352.60 -9.99%


And I thought I could retire soon…


He looked utterly terrified last night. But for teleprompter, he would have been speechless.

I’ll bet today was no fun for the staff.


A couple guys I worked with during the market bust had been planning to retire, but stayed at work till there 401ks recovered some of the losses, like a lot of guys one of them were very top heavy on high flying Nasdaq stocks, lost a bundle.


Well the WH “experts” had to"fix" at least three things that Biggest Brain Best Words got wrong even off the teleprompter.


Just for reference, The Dow avg.

January 20, 2017


Tomorrow not looking to swell either.

Dow -323.00 / -1.53%
Level 20,762.00
Data as of 7:52pm ET


Americans: We need $1.5T for:
SNAP for 700K Americans: $1.1B
End homelessness: $20B
Insulin for every diabetic: $40B
Universal Pre-K: $60B
Universal 4-yr-college: $70B
Cancel student debt: $1.4T

GOP: BuT HOw WiLl wE PAy fOr It

Billionaires: Market’s look bad
FED: HERE’S $1.5T!


$1.5 trillion is equal to the student debt Bernie Sanders wants to wipe out … While this plan was called pie in the sky by some Democrats, the same amount can be tossed to Wall Street with no campaign or public debate one afternoon?


Perhaps one of the benefits of “The Fed” being “Independent” and not answerable to no one. (Theoretically)

“I do what I want!” The Fed

But I totally get the perception. The optics are bad.


So it’s NOT our money?


It is, sadly.


NYSE shutdown to slow sell off.



It is getting ugly.


One more day, hell HALF of one more day like today, and the stock markets will be back to inauguration day.

Depression to follow.


Whose inauguration, FDR’s?