Everyone on this board is crazy - from 23 percent crazy to 100 percent crazy


I rate me at 70 percent crazy

But Boro - dats a special case

He hit a 100 with no hope of return


I put myself at… 69!



“Momma, we’re all crazy now”


Boro hit 100 so fast that he blew straight through. He’s somewhere around 420 now, knamean?


I guess that’s where my 100 number falls apart




Ima 98.6 crazy.


9944/100 here


Don’t go treading on my shtick.


I thought you were a girl.??

Oh, you said shtick, sorry. I was channeling Bill and Ted at the circle-K.


You are a bad bunny. And only 67 on the nutty scale.


Ain’t I a stinker?


I’m not crazy, I have pills in the bottle!


They don’t do any good in the bottle.


I have read a couple blog’s, and watched quite a few vids on YT, to convince me that I am probably sane.


They look just fine to me.

I’m not crazy, god damn it!


I can’t reveal the percentages of each

Hippa & sich


I’m 0%, fact.


They never think they are…