From bull to steer in a single shot


At least five Americans accidentally shot off their penises since 2010


Is this more commie bullshit?

Will the leg humpers show up soon?


Read and decide for yourself you’re a big boy


Any particular firearm, or was it just cap-and-ball revolvers?


The problem is, that’s only one Darwin honoree per year…and there are millions of dicks still out there.

It’s a good trend, but it’s too damn slow.


I’m with BD6, gotta be a false flag operation, to serve as pretext for the great gun confiscations that Obama has planned.


If yer stupid enuf to shoot yer dick off you don’t deserve a dick

hopefully they will never reproduce

It’s like I heard once said

A very young kid don’t know what his dick is for, but he sure takes good care of it


If all those dicks had been packing their own heat, this never would have happened.

Or, to paraphrase, " a (short)-armed society is a polite society."


Speak for yourself (this phrase obviously is speaking for me)