Fulltone CEO Mike Fuller, declares his lunacy, gets dropped by Guitar Center



Mike doesn’t know what business he’s in, apparently. Lots of that going around lately.


Dave’s Fun Stuff has a thread on this, a few of the comments pointed out that both these Companies have severe issues, but Fulltone’s being bigger than Guitar Center giving them the boot.


I’m not a potential customer for Fulltone’s stuff, not an electric guy. But also, not a fan of GC and other big internet retailers. Greatly prefer dealing with small stores.


There are GCs around San Jose, I may window shop there and then go to the Guitar Showcase on South Bascom to buy. Eevn when GC has a massive sale on a thing, the Showcase usually has it for still less.


GC has the worst web site in the world…no product descriptions, specs, what comes with it…often times only one or two pics…why even bother.


Oh, I actually darken their door from time to time. They just opened another near me, next to a Total Wine, so I can live the full rock star afternoon.


I don’t have one close to me, in fact I don’t have a very good music store near me at all…one of yer small town trade offs.


Local shops around here, the proprietors already know what the internet price is for an item and will match it or sometimes beat it.