Garden Guard Dog


Fucking squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits have been eating the fuck out of some of my garden, the goddamn squirrels are bold as fuck about it too… The other day I had to run them off 3 different times I looked out there and they were going hog wild… so now whenever I let the dog out I tell him to go get em, get him excited and he runs out there patrolling the paths and perimeters of the garden.


I think he likes it, gives him a purpose.


I pity the poor squirrel if my hound ever catches one, she goes ape shit crazy when she see’s them, which is sort of cute around the house, not so much while driving.


Mine will probably get bit by one and be scared of them after that, he does catch a baby gopher once in a blue moon and tries to bring it in the house.


LMAO. Dogs love having a job. And they love chasng squirrels. It’s a twofer.




This morning he went hauling ass after a squirrel when I let him out. Just sent him back out, before he came in I noticed he pissed around the perimeter of the garden in several spots.