Get your betting slips back out -- The winner was "Willis"


Last person standing from Diff’rent Strokes with Charlotte Rae dying yesterday


Never watched it


Dana whassername was a cutie


Watchu talkin’ 'bout willis?


All those actors are dead?


Yeah, I thought the other kid was in prison for dope or something?


No, Willis is still alive, ergo this “last one standing” thread. And yeah, he’s the one who’s been in the hoosegow for teh drugs.


I misinterpreted the last man standing comment. Thought the last one just died.


Reminds me of:


D’oh, that went over my head, I was thinking Willis was the cute midget one, that hung with MJ back in the day. Before dying


No no, he was the one famous for saying “Watchoo talkin bout Willis”


Aah yes, I remember it well.