Green party POS sucking votes from Ohio Dem


When his party gets in they won’t suck so much - lmao


Refer to my last comment.

Democrats here are garbage. Fact. They care about nothing more than taxing for the sake of taxing.


You last card fucking wonder - what the fuck do you think cheeto just did to those on fixed incomes - of which there are plenty


Oh so you agree that Democrats theiving hands are bad, too?
IDGAF about cheeto, he’s already there.

These cucks had a chance to get rid of these shitty politicians… AND THEY VOTED FOR EM AGAIN

I can’t wait to see all the Democrats complaining about taxes like they were last year.

Self inflicted. For them atleast.


Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign awakened a progressive movement in America.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning upset this summer gave it a fresh jolt of momentum.

It turns out their magic isn’t transferable.


In Ohio, a Wash, Not a Wave

A band of far-left candidates have suffered a string of defeats in Democratic primaries this year, the most recent coming on Tuesday, when most of the contenders backed by the progressive duo lost their races.


Unbelievable that anyone thinks these “progressives” are an answer to anything. Hey, he’s a human-alien hybrid! Being a spoiler is nothing in comparison.