Happy Thanksgiving Peeps


Is this our 12th together, or mostly together?

Enjoy yourselves this holiday weekend.

Duke, only 27 days until Christmas!


Be careful on the road.


This time of year is out of a fucking horror novel

the only hope is a meteor - now would be fine with me


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Stay safe and fill up in lots of good food :slight_smile:

I’ll be at work, by choice.


I have to go to a fucking party -

I just wanna be on my own couch

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck and then fuck


I am bringing my usual beloved baked yams

I altered the recipe to reduce the brown sugar and compensate otherhow because a recently diagnosed diabetic loves them

Yams are a good starch for diabetics in small amounts

Let’s see if anyone notices (the diabetic will be forewarned)




4800 percent markup on insulin

25 bucks in Mexico - 35 in Canada

375 in the USA

exact same thing

3 bucks to produce


Happy Turkey day everyone. Eating, drinking, mingling


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.:hugs:


Everybody, take care. Love your family, or what’s left of it. Think warmly about your ancestors even if it’s a struggle.

And watch out for tryptophan overdoses.


Cogito ergo spud, Wabbit!


I think, therefore I yam.


That’s a good way to drum up some cheer.:slightly_smiling_face:


After several decades of observing the hippie tradition of listening to Alice’s Restaurant on Thanksgiving, I’ve changed the liturgy.

This is now the hymn for Thanksgiving, for the foreseeable future.


Turkey breast for me.

Game hen for the fur balls.

But damn it all, I napped through the dog show!
Hopefully it’ll be on again this weekend.