He sleeps like this all night at my head and I get about 3 inches of room




Lately, she sleeps in the closet, but when Sadie my Doggo chooses to sleep on the bed, I sometimes wake up on the opposite side of the bed with her pressed up firmly against me, waiting for me to make the slightest move, so she can squeeze in even closer.


Dang I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats and dogs. Duke yer cat is great. Apey, your dog sounds like she still needs reassurance, or is very affectionate. May be tough on hot nights lol


TBH, she hasn’t done that in a few months, mostly she likes sleeping on the miscellaneous crap on the floor of my closet like some boots I haven’t worn in years but am still too attached to to toss, and an old hub cap and a chunk of obsidian etc. Or sometimes she will even sleep on the little fleece/wool lined doggy bed by my bed that I paid too much for. (considering she uses it sparingly) But the Dingo in her makes her pine for the burrows, so she has become a closet case.

PS, and Yes to both, she is very affectionate, and Cow Dogs are very tuned into their alphas. If I am doing something, like cleaning a spot on the carpet or picking up the trash she has scattered in the yard, she wants to be right there at my side “helping”.

Not as much as last year, but if I go to prune a shrub, she gets manic and starts tearing at other limbs with her teeth and biting them off from the same bush I am hacking at.